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With Vick Ruled Out Next Sunday, Could Garcia Return?

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Michael Vick has been ruled out for next week's matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. This will give Kevin Kolb his second start of the year - this time against an 0-4 team.

Over the past 24 hours, here have been rumors swirling that former Eagle (and former 49er, for that matter) Jeff Garcia could be brought back into the fold for his third stint in Philadelphia. Garcia is currently playing for the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks, but would be allowed to return to the NFL with the UFL commissioner's approval and a buyout fee of $150,000 (paid from the Eagles to the Nighthawks). When questioned about a possible return, the 40 year old Garcia downplayed the idea, saying:

"I really don't want to comment on anything right now because it's just talk. We'll see what transpires over the next couple of days."

With Vick out, the Eagles will have only rookie Mike Kafka to rely on should (god forbid) Kolb suffer another injury. Signing a proven veteran who is familiar with both the Eagles' offense and their opponent's offense would seem to be a prudent maneuver, but we'll see what Andy Reid has to say.

UPDATE [10:28 P.M.]: In a recent interview with the folks at, Vick gave us a clearer look at the status of his injury:

There is some cartilage damage up in there and a small fracture up in there, so maybe a week, maybe two weeks. We'll have to see. I've got some cartilage damage up in there, in the upper area of my ribs. I just have to work through it. I've always been a quick healer. It won't be no more than one, two weeks hopefully. Hopefully.

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