"Donovan McNabb showed Philadelphia Eagles fans what they were missing in a 17-12 statement victory by the Washington Redskins" - John Clayton


"4. Edge to McNabb, Redskins: The McNabb trade looks even worse for the Eagles because Andy Reid is four weeks into the season and his quarterback situation is a mess. As predicted, the hits finally caught up to Michael Vick, who averaged about 20 hits a game over the past couple of weeks. He was lost late in the first quarter with rib/chest injury that is going to require a Monday MRI. McNabb didn't put up great numbers, completing only 8 of 19 passes for 125 yards, but he established a running offense that was never emphasized during his Eagles days. The Redskins' 35 runs kept the Eagles off balance, and, let's face it, Mike Shanahan outwitted Reid in the first quarter. He keyed a scoring drive with a 34-yard reverse that was soon followed by a 12-yard Ryan Torain touchdown run. McNabb had only one completion before he hit tight end Chris Cooley with a 31-yard touchdown pass late in the first quarter. The 14 first-quarter points were all McNabb needed. Reid and the Eagles have to live with the fact that they are 0-2 at home and with more uncertainty at quarterback. Vick's status is uncertain, and Kevin Kolb looked shaky coming off the bench. I still contend the Eagles should have kept McNabb for at least this season." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- His last sentence says it all... I mean really? couldn't tell... Apparently Qbs can establish the run game before the even scramble once, keep other offenses from scoring 14 points, and even make a team regret trading him with a qb rating in the low 60s and almost losing to a team that repeatedly shot themselves in the foot and got screwed out of 5 points (4 for the diff of a td vs fg plus the point after our touchdown later), aka the difference in the game, not to mention the fg we could have kicked as time ran out, since the redskins might have passed a few times with the game tied, as opposed to up 5