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Random Thoughts from the Eagles Week 4 Loss to the Redskins

-           On the play where Michael Vick got injured, it reminded me a lot of the Atlanta-Philly playoff game earlier this decade when Brian Dawkins injured Vick after a long run that was eventually called back for holding.

-           Brent Celek after 4 games last year - 26 catches, 303 yards, 2 TD

-           Brent Celek after 4 games this year - 12 catches, 128 yards, 1 TD

-           I don't want to be "that guy," but the officiating was beyond terrible.  More on that later this week.

-           The Redskins 2nd half offense couldn't possibly have been more lackluster.  They stopped attacking and were content to have their defense go out and win it.  They were begging the Eagles to take this game.  Begging.  The Eagles didn't oblige.

-           LeSean McCoy was the best player on the field yesterday, but his fumble was a killer.

-           Every time the Eagles throw an incomplete pass on first down and then run the ball on second down, I get a text from my dad (JimmyK Sr.) complaining about Reid/Mornhinweg.  He's been saying for years that the Eagles' tendency is to run on 2nd and 10, the defense knows it, and they never pick up any yards, putting themselves in 3rd and long.  Possibly more on that this week as well after I do a little research.

-           The opportunities were there yesterday.  Stewart Bradley dropped an easy pick that was basically sitting there on a platter.  Kevin Kolb missed a wide open DeSean Jackson 40+ yards downfield that could have gone for a score.  Jason Avant could have won it if he were able to hang onto the football on the Hail Mary play, etc.  Lots of guys want some plays back after this one I'm sure.

-           If the season ended today, the order of finish would be Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, which is pretty much the exact opposite of the preseason consensus predictions.

-           Ever since the opener against the Packers, Ellis Hobbs and Asante Samuel have been playing at a extremely high level in coverage.  Redskins receivers combined yesterday: 3 catches, 57 yards, 0 TD.  Jaguars receivers combined Week 3: 6 catches, 68 yards, 0 TD.  Lions receivers combined Week 2: 6 catches, 58 yards, 1 TD.  Obviously, those 3 teams aren't stacked with talent at the wide receiver position, but Hobbs and Samuel deserve a lot of credit for completely shutting them down.  Now if only Samuel could look at least semi-interested in making a tackle, I'd be thrilled.  His whiff on Ryan Torain yesterday was embarrassing.

-           Stewart Bradley not playing well is a development I did not see coming, and is very troubling.

-           I like Nate Allen.

-           In case you didn't notice, Brian Orakpo is a star.  The Redskins are a team that is almost completely devoid of young talent, with Orakpo and Trent Williams being the exceptions.  He's going to be a headache for the next 10 years.

-           Why did the Eagles trade for Reggie Wells?  I'm really struggling to believe the explanation given by Reid that playing RG is that much different from playing LG.  I mean... they didn't trade a draft pick for a guy to be Todd Herremans' backup, did they?

-           That Redskins O Line is patchwork, at best, particularly yesterday with Trent Williams inactive... and they dominated the Eagles in the running game.

-            I'm still trying to figure out the delay of game disaster.  Complete game-changer.  The Redskins lead the league in gifts at the end of the first half.

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