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The Linc - Eagles Free Agency Fumbles

Eagles by the Numbers: A Historic Collapse
Just how historic was the Eagles' collapse against the Titans? Reuben Frank looks at that and much more in his latest Eagles by the Numbers.

Paul Domowitch: Eagles have fumbled with free agency, trades | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/29/2010
The only two veteran acquisitions by the Eagles since March 2009 that you can really give clear thumbs ups to at this point are quarterback Michael Vick and fullback Leonard Weaver. And who in God's name ever thought we'd be saying that about their decision to sign Vick last year? Weaver had a terrific first season with the Eagles after signing with them last year, but suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 1.

EAGLES: Philadelphia Eagles should be soaring after bye week -
Andy Reid is off to his usual start. Despite issues at quarterback, the offensive line and the secondary, the Eagles are 4-3 entering their bye week. It’s just about where they’ve been at this spot the previous 11 seasons with Reid in the saddle.

"This is Louis Creekmur," said McKee. "You can see there are hardly any areas untouched by the damage. Like with Wally Hilgenberg, it is widespread in Louis Creekmur. I would call it incredible chaos in the brain. Louis was demented when he died." Lou Creekmur: 10-year NFL offensive lineman, Pro Football Hall of Famer. Wally Hilgenberg: 15-year NFL linebacker, one of the key members of the Vikings' Purple People Eaters defense.

NFL Pregame Shows: Laughter, With Some Analysis Thrown In -
Before settling in Sunday for your 10-hour NFL binge, there's a pretty good chance you'll watch the hour-long pregame shows. There's also a pretty good chance you'll notice something slightly odd about their hosts: They never stop laughing.

Doc Dossman On DeSean Jackson, Concussions - Poly
Doc was in Philadelphia last week treating DeSean Jackson, and combined with some great comments from DeSean’s mother, he has a unique perspective on the NFL’s hottest issue.  Defense plans to not let it happen again
"I guess the best thing that came from this is that it came back to bite us,'' Mikell said. "Now we learned our lesson. As a defense we kept letting teams back into the game but we kept pulling it out. Now it came back to bite us in a big way. Basically, we got our (butts) kicked. "I think it will be a wake-up call. This is the NFL and all 11 guys (on defense) have to play together as a team for all four quarters.''

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