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Redskins At Eagles: Gameday Lincs

Interesting McNabb Bowl Odds
The odds are out on the McNabb Bowl, and they include everything from Donovan's TD celebrations to times he's sacked.

Eagles-Skins predictions, key matchups | Eagletarian | 10/03/2010
Here is how members of the Daily News sports staff see today's showdown between the Eagles and the Redskins at the Linc

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: Strategy & Matchups - WAS
Let's start by talking about our defense against Donovan McNabb, a sentence I've never had to type before. I watched some more of the STL/WAS game this morning. One thing that really jumped out at me was the fact that the Skins played just 1 WR most of the game.

What The Hell is Wrong with People? Week 4: Redskins Fan Offers Up His Girl - Crossing Broad
Going into this, I thought this week's WTHIWWP would have something to do with Donovan McNabb. And then I stumbled upon this video from diamond111renee on YouTube.

Philadelphia Eagles fans should boo Angelo Cataldi | Off the Record (OTR)
Nationally, Angelo Cataldi of 610 WIP in Philadelphia might be best known for leading "The Dirty 30," a group of "passionate" Philadelphia Eagles fans, up to the 1999 NFL Draft to show their support for Texas RB Ricky Williams. But, locally, those who know him and his radio show know that he’s a rabble rouser who isn’t a supreme authority on football.

Redskins' Donovan McNabb returns to Philadelphia after 11 years as an Eagle
What might have happened had the Philadelphia Eagles selected Ricky Williams, a running back from Texas, with the second pick of the 1999 NFL draft? Cheers would have filled Madison Square Garden, where the draft was held - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Who's Winning the McNabb Trade? The McNabb-O-Meter Is Back
Flooded by requests from our readers and sponsors (if by flooded, you mean one person, and by sponsors, you mean Enrico), the McNabb-O-Meter returns for its second season with The700Level. We weren't really sure what the hell we were supposed...

The Out-Of-Market NFL Fan's Ugly Alternatives To Sunday Ticket -
Don't want to pay for NFL Sunday Ticket to watch your favorite team? Well here are some alternatives, although they aren't very pretty.

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