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Local Radio Does Their Best To Embarrass Philly Upon McNabb's Return

The national media spotlight has shown brightly on Philadelphia this week with the drama surrounding Donovan McNabb's turn and the continuing story that is Michael Vick. Not surprisingly, the local radio stations have been dreaming up stunts in an attempt to get a slice of attention.

First, WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi has decided to reunite the 30 idiots that he had boo Donovan McNabb on draft day. Yes, those same idiots that have caused us to suffer a decade of brow beating as Eagles fans.

"The boys are getting back together one last time to provide closure to the Donovan McNabb era, and to step forward proudly for one final bow. We were right about McNabb, a crybaby who never won the big game in Philadelphia. Now that he's an opponent, we think it's important that we remind him of how his career began, and of how we still feel about him all these years later,"  said Cataldi.

Classy as always. Oh and just in case anyone forgets, this moron brought those guys to the draft because he thought the Eagles should draft Ricky Williams.

Not to be outdone, 97.5 the Fanatic's Mike Missanelli organized a tug of war between "pro McNabb fans" and "anti McNabb fans." The catch? In the middle was a pool full of chunky soup. The video is after the jump if you're interested. Again, class all the way.

Who ended up losing? All of us.

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