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The Commissioner of Tailgating

For the next few Fridays we're going to be talking about what makes a tailgating experience truly perfect. But before we get into the best food, drinks ect. I want to kick it off by talking about a guy I met two weeks ago at the Eagles/Falcons game named Joe Cahn, or as he's better known "The Commissioner of Tailgating." He happened to park his enormous bus by the lads from the Eagles Fancast, who had generously invited me to tailgate with them before the game. We got to talk with the commish and basically found that his whole life is essentially driving this bus around to big sporting events and documenting people's tailgating adventures. How he is able to earn a living from this, I do not know... But he does and it's awesome. Oh and he was nice enough to give us some of his grill spice that he invented, which we sprinkled generously on our burgers. The spice was free of course... Again, how this guy survives is beyond me. He's like Cane from Kung Fu, just walking the earth and assisting people with their tailgating needs. Maybe "Tailgating Jesus" would be a more fitting name.

He actually left before the game even started because he was due to be in Virginia later that day for the Redskins Sunday Night game. Again, not to see the game... to be a part of the tailgating. So here's to you Joe Cahn, a true "Captain Of the Tailgate."

And now, Marissa Miller video.

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