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How Do the Eagles Stat Leaders Match Up With the Rest of the League?

Now that the bye week has finally arrived, it's time to examine how the Eagles measure up stat-wise to the rest of the NFL. Let's take a look at the good, the average, and the ugly.

The Good

David Akers has racked up 12 touchbacks on kickoffs this season - enough to rank him fifth in the NFL. He is also tied for fifth place in total points scored with 52. David Buehler, the Cowboys' highly-touted kickoff specialist, only has five touchbacks on the season (ranked #17).

Nate Allen and Asante Samuel are tied for sixth place in total INTs with three each.

Jorrick Calvin has produced the seventh-highest average on punt returns with 13.3 yards.

Trent Cole is tied for the eighth-highest sack total with six sacks. One of the players he is tied with is none other than former Eagle Jason Babin. Juqua Parker is tied for 21st place with four sacks.

DeSean Jackson - you had to know his name would appear here - is currently ranked #4 among receivers with five or more catches in yards per reception (20.8). He is also ranked #20 in yards per game with 65.8.

Jeremy Maclin is tied for fourth place with Colts wideout Austin Collie for number of receiving touchdowns (6). Those six scores are also good enough to rank him sixth overall in total number of TDs. He also falls one place behind DeSean Jackson in the yards per game category with 65.4.

LeSean McCoy is tied for fourth place in rushing TDs with 5.

Sav Rocca is ranked as the fourth-best punter in both average distance (47.1 yards) and number of fair catches forced (10).

Michael Vick has the highest per-game rushing average of a quarterback by far with 46.8 yards. Just to give you an idea of how high up on the QB rushing scale he is, the next player on the list is Bills signal-caller Ryan Fitzpatrick with an average of 7.3 yards per game.

The Eagles offensive line is ranked fourth overall in average rushing yards allowed per attempt with 4.9 yards.

Check out "The Average" and "The Ugly" after the jump.

The Average

Kevin Kolb is ranked 17th overall with a passer rating of 85.3.

LeSean McCoy is ranked 17th overall with an average of 68.1 yards per game.

Quintin Mikell, the team's leading tackler, is ranked #26 in the NFL with 36 total tackles.


The Ugly

David Akers is ranked 28th overall in percentage of field goals converted with 73%. Those three missed field goals against the Falcons are hurting him, but it's nothing that can't be wiped away with a solid performance for the rest of the season.

Jorrick Calvin is ranked #36 among kick returners with an average of 22.9 yards.

Kurt Coleman is tied for 16th place in total penalty yardage with 55 yards.

Ellis Hobbs is ranked #3 in total penalty yardage with 84 yards. He is also #30 among kick returners with an average of 23.7 yards. Bring on the hate.

Kevin Kolb is tied for 6th place for total fumbles with five. The tying player? Brett Favre.

Jason Peters and Ellis Hobbs are tied for 15th place in total penalties drawn with five each.

The Eagles offensive line is ranked second overall in sacks given up with 21. The only team worse than them is the Chicago Bears, who have given up a nausea-inducing 31 sacks so far.

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