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Tony Romo Fractures Left Clavicle

The injury report has just come back, and it looks like Tony Romo has suffered a fractured left clavicle after a big hit from Michael Boley. Of course, there's no official word yet on how long he'll be out, but these kind of injuries are usually season-ending. The Cowboys had better get used to Jon Kitna for a while, because chances are good that that's who the Eagles will be facing come December 12th.

Many thought that tonight's matchup against the Giants would determine if the Cowboys had any hope left for a successful 2010 season. Now with their starting QB down for the count and the score 24-20 Giants at the half, prospects are looking pretty dim.

Thanks to Ichiban for breaking the news.

UPDATE [12:11 A.M.]: With the final score reading Giants 41 - Cowboys 35, it's pretty safe to say that Jerruh's Super Bowl season is not to be. BGN, are you ready to bury this team?

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