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Mike McGlynn Takes Blame For Disastrous Goal Line Fumble

As I said in the recap, you can probably point to the Eagles goal line fumble in the third quarter as the point where it all started to go wrong for the Eagles. It's always tough to know who is supposed to have who in a situation like that, but it sure looked like Mike McGlynn was at fault. I fired up the DVR...

The Titans defender came straight through unblocked in the gap between the right guard and center. The RG, Max Jean-Gilles, blocked right and engaged with another defender one on one. Mike McGlynn, the center, blocked left and took on the same man who the LG, Nick Cole, was engaged with. It sure looked like the man who caused the fumble was McGlynn's responsibility and as it turns out, he was. McGlynn took sole responsibility for the fumble when he talked to reporters after the game.

"I caused the fumble, basically," McGlynn said. "In that situation, that can't happen."

No it can't.

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