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What Are The Eagles Odds Of Winning The Super Bowl, The NFC? has updated their odds for week 7 and the Eagles odds of winning it all have understandably improved. The Eagles are now an 18/1 shot to win it all. Just last week they were 25/1.

The odds to win the NFC are interesting.

Odds to win the 2011 NFC

New Orleans Saints 4/1

Atlanta Falcons 11/2

Green Bay Packers 11/2

Minnesota Vikings 13/2

New York Giants 7/1

Philadelphia Eagles 15/2

The one you have to find puzzling in there in the Vikings, who haven't really played well this year and are currently under .500 at 2-3. There's no doubt that they've got a very good defense, but their offense is very suspect. Of course, these odds aren't meant to be a representation of who is actually most likely to win the NFC, just how likely people are to place a bet on a particular team to win it.

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