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Mark Schlereth Goes Nuts On NFL For Fines

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Former Bronco and current ESPN personality Mark Schlereth is not a fan of the NFL's latest steps to curb violent hits to head. He took to the Sportscenter airwaves this morning and lambasted the NFL saying "it's too bad 'NHL' is taken because we could call them the 'National Hypocrite League." One of the hypocrisies he pointed out, which I think is a great point, is that the NFL sells DVD highlight packages of the same kind of big hits that players were fined for this week. They essentially glorify and profit from the type violence that he believes they're trying to legislate out of the game. His own employers basically do this as well, but then again they aren't legislating the rules of the game.

He also had some poignant statements about the way he was treated by the NFL in his post playing career. This is definitely well worth a watch.