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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Eagles Climb Into Top Ten

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In our latest SBNation power rankings, the Eagles have jumped up into the top 10 on the backs of their 31-17 blowout win over last week's top ranked NFC team. the Atlanta Falcons.

The Eagles jumped up to #10 from #13 last week, leapfrogging the Falcons, Packers & Bears. SBNation has them ranked as the #3 team in the NFC behind the Saints and New York Giants, who are ranked just ahead at #9. For me, who is better between the Giants and Eagles at this point is a total toss up.

The only rank I take issue with in the poll is the Houston Texans at #7. Both of their losses this season came against teams ranked below them(at least in this poll) and at this point they seemed to have proven that they don't just have an inconsistent defense... the have a flat out bad defense. As it stands now, their defense is the 3rd worst in the NFL. I really don't see how they've proven that they're better than the Eagles or Giants(who beat them soundly this year) and I think their inclusion makes the rank weighted too heavily in favor of the AFC.

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