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The Linc - James Harrison Has Got To Be Kidding

Steelers' James Harrison Doesn't Understand Concussions... At All - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
"You hate to see anyone down like that, but then you realize he just went to sleep for a little bit and he came out of it and he's going to be OK. That's football," Harrison said, shrugging.

Man Up: Bradley bounces back | Philly | 10/18/2010
Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' defensive performance in Sunday's win over the Falcons after I re-watched the game

Didinger: Wider Fields May Cut Down Vicious Hits
The league can put in more rules and the equipment companies can put more padding on the helmets, but I wonder if something more drastic isn’t required. How about expanding the size of the playing field? It might not be as crazy as it sounds. It was discussed by the NFL Competition Committee awhile back, but it didn’t have much support so it was dropped. Given the way things are going, it is worth revisiting.

TheWizWit: Eagles 31, Falcons 17: The Desktop Wallpaper Bowl
This is how you own someone...

Day-After Dissection: Falcons | Eagletarian | 10/18/2010
Michael Vick became the NFL’s top-rated passer Sunday without doing anything. He went into the weekend ranked second behind the PatriotsTom Brady. But after throwing 2 interceptions in the Pats’ 23-20 win over the Ravens, Brady’s passer rating nosedived from 109.0 to 98.5, leaving Vick and his 108.8 rating at the top.

Andy Reid Names Mike Kafka Eagles' Starting Quarterback - SportsPickle News
"Every time we’ve put in a new guy at quarterback, he’s played better than the guy before him," said Reid. "Vick played better than Kolb and now Kolb is playing better than Vick. It seems logical to me to that Kafka will be better than either of them."

TheWizWit: It Shoulda Been You, Kid
The only thing as disturbing as seeing DeSean Jackson’s motionless body on the turf was having TV cameras catch a glimpse of this fan in the crowd. Worst DeSean Jackson jersey ever? Worst DeSean Jackson jersey ever. What a terribly embarrassing idea. From head to toe, this is just wrong. I’m ashamed for you. If only this kid could've stood in for DeSean as he was getting Dunta’d.

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