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Philadelphia Eagles Week 6 Game Balls - Take A Bow King Dunlap

This was a big win for the Eagles because not only did they keep pace with the Giants atop the NFC East, they also got a real statement victory against the team who held the NFC's best record coming into this game. Finally, we had a game where the offense and defense (and special teams!) actually all played well. So here we go with the game balls.

King Dunlap - Talk about exceeding expectations. We were forecasting disaster this week after the way Dunlap struggled against the 49ers. Falcons fans were basically licking their chops at the thought of King trying to handle John Abraham. But the big mismatch never materialized and Dunlap had himself a really solid game. He did have one hands to the face penalty, but didn't give up any sacks by my count and Kevin Kolb rarely seemed to get any pressure from his blind side. It takes a pretty tough hombre to go out there and play as good as he did after dogged on all week. Nice job. (Note - this still doesn't mean we need him out there every week.)

Trent Cole - It turns out there was a major mismatch in a DE vs LT battle today... Which I mentioned this morning mind you (cue self congratulatory back pat). Trent Cole just owned Falcons LT Sam Baker today. He sacked Matt Ryan twice and was in the backfield seemingly every play. He had 5 tackles and was credited with a forced fumble. He was a beast today.

Jeremy Maclin - So DeSean Jackson is dominating to the tune of two TDs when BAM, he's knocked out of the game. The offense is going to suffer right? They can't be as explosive right? Enter Jeremy Maclin. 7 catches, 159 yards and 2 TDs later and Jeremy Maclin is celebrating arguably the best game of his career.

Kevin Kolb - What can you say about a guy who throws for over 300 yards, completes about 80% of his passes, and has a career high 3 TDs on the day? He was great and what's more impressive is the way he did it. He read the Falcons defense clearly, he saw the field well, he went deep, short and medium and did all with accuracy. Kolb played a hell of a game there's a reason ESPN is now trying to drum up a "new QB controversy in Philly." Kolb's play has warranted that discussion.

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