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McLane: Vick & Kolb to Remain Eagles for 2010

For those of you biting your nails over whether Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick will be traded, the folks over at are reporting that neither quarterback will be dealt before Tuesday's trade deadline. Andy Reid has seemed positively giddy so far over having two starting-caliber quarterbacks on his roster, and has every reason to keep both of them around. As Reid himself said earlier today:

"I'm not much into telling you guys this, but this is a beautiful thing. I told you that before, and I'm going to reiterate it. If you're sitting here as a chubby, head coach in the National Football League and you have two good quarterbacks, you're a happy guy. That's a positive, positive thing."

While the lack of quality backup quarterbacks (and quality starting QBs, for that matter) in the league today does indeed present a need for some teams, that same reason is exactly why the Eagles shouldn't give up Vick or Kolb. Sure, they could probably snag a few extra draft picks for either one, but does anyone want to trust Mike Kafka to be the #2 guy at this point?

As for the trade deadline, just because their quarterbacks are off the market doesn't mean that other Eagles aren't fair game as trade bait. The team could still use upgrades at offensive line, reserve wide receiver, linebacker, and special teams, so we'll be keeping our ears to the ground for more roster moves. Who do you think could be a potential target?

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