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The Cowboys' 2009 draft class (cue loser "Price is Right" horn)

A while back, I promised myself I would cut down on the Cowboys-related posts, and it's actually been since August that I last wrote a post dedicated solely to them.  I apologize in advance for my relapse, but there's news on our favorite rivals this afternoon. 

Today, they waived OT Robert Brewster.  On Tuesday, they released Mike Hamlin.  You may be asking, "Uhhhh... Who?"  Well, Robert Brewster was a 3rd round pick of the Cowboys in 2009, and Mike Hamlin was a 5th round pick for the Cowboys in 2009.  So why is this news, exactly?

Well, the Cowboys' 2009 draft class was 12 players deep.  Here it is:

2009 - Dallas Cowboys
Rd Sel # Player Position School
3 69 Jason Williams LB Western Illinois
3 75 Robert Brewster T Ball State
4 101 Stephen McGee QB Texas A&M
4 110 Victor Butler DE Oregon State
4 120 Brandon Williams DE Texas Tech
5 143 DeAngelo Smith DB Cincinnati
5 166 Mike Hamlin DB Clemson
5 172 David Buehler K USC
6 197 Stephen Hodge LB Texas Christian
6 208 John Phillips TE Virginia
7 227 Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
7 229 Manuel Johnson WR Oklahoma

A quick recap of these guys: Brewster, Smith, Hamlin, Mickens and Johnson are gone.  Williams, Williams (doesn't matter what order since both Williams are equally unimpressive), Butler, and Hodge all still remain with the team, although they have a combined 28 tackles and 3 sacks.  McGee is currently the 3rd QB.  Phillips looked promising this preseason until he tore his ACL.  And last but not least, Buehler, although effective on kickoffs, is currently arguably the worst FG kicker in the NFL. 

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extraordinary, and 1 being "Utterly Craptastic," this draft class is looking like a solid 1.0004 (rounded up to the nearest .0001).

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