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The Linc - Breaking Down Eagles Special Teams Woes

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Under Review: Eagles' Kickoff Corps Needs Help
"Bobby April is doing the same things he has always done," said NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. "His scheme is sound. The players aren’t getting it done."

Vick is ancient history to Ryan and the Falcons | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/14/2010
"To be honest with you, it hasn't been a big topic of conversation down here," Ryan said when the topic of Vick came back around like a boomerang. "That situation is in Philadelphia. Mike's playing there now. "Obviously, he's still going to have fans down here because he was such a dynamic player while he was here. But within this organization and within this locker room, we're focused on the guys that are in this building."

How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch - NFC East Blog - ESPN
LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles running back: Played through the pain of a broken rib and had 138 total yards on 23 touches. It would've been easy to rest up for the Falcons game, but the Eagles desperately needed a win over the 49ers. McCoy's becoming one of the top dual-threat running backs in the league. Only Frank Gore has more receptions (33) than McCoy's 28. He's reminding folks of a guy named Brian Westbrook.

Michael Vick: 'Don't Count Me Out' Against Falcons - SB Nation Philly
"I’ve got a shot," Vick said at his locker Wednesday. "I can’t tell you [how far away I am], the only thing I can tell you is, hey, I’m making progress, and don’t count me out. I’ve made progress every day. Last week I couldn’t brush my hair, but now I can brush my hair, so that’s a good thing. And [my] breathing is good."

After the jump witness the most objective and correct analysis of the Dallas roster from a Dallas fan. You know, the roster everyone always seems to call "one of the most talented in the NFL." Good analysis, even though he's wrong about Anthony Spencer being "elite."

Around the NFC East

Cowboys Have More "JAGs" Than We Want To Admit - Blogging The Boys
JAG. J-A-G. In NFL player personnel evaluation parlance, it's the scouting acronym for "Just Another Guy." JAG. It is not generally considered a compliment. "The Cowboys have the most talent in the NFL," is the mantra chanted by the media and by many if not most of us fans. We say it reflexively. As if it's a given. The truth is the Cowboys have more JAGs than anyone wants to believe.

Brett Favre May Sit For Vikings Against Cowboys - SB Nation Dallas-Ft. Worth
Brett Favre's NFL record streak of 289 consecutive games may come to an end this Sunday when the Vikings host the Cowboys if his ailing elbow doesn't improve.

Redskins Lunchbox: Video Preview of Colts @ Redskins Game - Hogs Haven
Comcast SportsNet preview of Colts vs Redskins game.

New York Giants Notes: Best Team In NFC? - Big Blue View
At least that's what Phil Simms says...

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