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Eagles GM Howie Roseman Says A Change Of Scenery Will Do Mike Bell & Jerome Harrison Good

Like I said when the trade happened, the Eagles and Browns essentially swapped disappointments today. The Eagles expected more from Mike Bell than they got and the Browns were expecting more from Jerome Harrison than he's shown them this year. So, they swapped.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman said the old "change of scenery" might be what both of these backs needed.

"I think, first of all a change of scenery might be good for both players. [RB] Mike Bell can fit their scheme. They're looking for a downhill runner between the tackles. They like to run the ball a lot. For us, [RB] Jerome [Harrison], he's a quicker guy, he's athletic [and] he can catch the football. Obviously, he was really productive last year at the end of the season. With our backup running backs, with the skill-set they have in terms of [RB] Eldra [Buckley], [RB] Joique [Bell] and Mike Bell, they were all kind of bigger backs who could run between the tackles. And we thought maybe Jerome's skill-set kind of fit in terms of complimenting those guys."

Roseman also said that while the reports on Harrison are that he's a quick learner, there still will be some adjustment to the Eagles offense because Cleveland does not run a west coast system.

"It's different. Their system is different. Their offensive coordinator Brian Daboll had worked in New England, and then worked in New York. That's not a West Coast Offense, so it's different. [Harrison] hasn't played specifically in the West Coast Offense but there's a lot of similar terminology."

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