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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Eagles Still Mired In The Middle

Real Clear Sports, who every week publishes a power rank based on the average of 8 major sports sites, has the Eagles ranked at #15 this week.

The thing is, power ranks are tough to do at this point in the season and maybe tougher than ever to do given the parity in the NFL this year. There's no undefeated teams and most of the teams that appear that they could start to distinguish themselves as the league's best are in the AFC. So the difference between the 20th ranked team and the 10th is almost nothing.In that area, it's really just a subjective judgment on the part of whoever is making the ranks.

The range of rankings for the Eagles from the major sites is pretty tight. Fanhouse has them highest at 12, but the lowest (PFT & Fox) has them only at #15.

The top ranked NFC team this week is the Atlanta Falcons, whom the Eagles host at the Linc on Sunday.

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