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Thanks TBS and MLB... No really, thanks a lot.

I had my entire Sunday planned out. I was going to start the day around 1 by watching the Phillies complete their sweep of the Reds while casually checking in on the Texans' dismantling of the Giants. Then, it was going to be downtime, as I relaxed and maybe even got some work done as the Titans beat up on the Cowboys in the background. And finally, at night, I was looking forward to Kevin Kolb's first good start this season as the Eagles blew out the Niners.

And yet, when I woke up, I almost knew for a fact that TBS and MLB were going to completely mess up those well-laid plans by putting the Phillies game up against the Eagles game. I almost knew for certain they were going to give the Philly fans the ol' screwgy. I knew it. And then I looked... Screwgy confirmed. Phillies-Reds, first pitch 8:15. (Clapping) Thanks TBS and MLB - Bang up job as always. I'll have the 2-TV setup going strong tonight, but one game will get the 50" TV, and the other will get the 37 incher. If you're a fan of the Phillies and Eagles, which will you choose?

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