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The Linc - Spitting & Stingin'

Jackson vs. Jenkins talk continues | Philly | 01/06/2010
DeSean Jackson was on ustream taking questions from fans...

Eagles' Spadaro sorry he spat on Cowboys star | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/07/2010
Eagles Web site director Dave Spadaro posted an apology last night for spitting on the midfield star at Cowboys Stadium during the Eagles' visit Sunday, and for videotaping himself doing it as part of his "Spudcam" feature.

Is ever-changing cast hurting Eagles' defense? | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/07/2010
THE EAGLES started Akeem Jordan at middle linebacker last Sunday. It was just Jordan's second career start at that position, though he has been seeing action there since he returned from a knee injury Dec. 13, against the Giants. By halftime Sunday, Jordan was on the bench, where he stayed most of the rest of the way, in favor of Jeremiah Trotter. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was scrambling to stop the Cowboys' lethal rushing attack, which gained 104 yards in the first half, on just 15 carries, 6.9 yards per carry.

Eagles Notebook: Eagles think reconfigured offensive line will work better this week | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/07/2010

The Eagles talked all last week about how the transition from Jamaal Jackson to Nick Cole at center, and the replacement of Cole at right guard with Max Jean-Gilles, wouldn't be that big a deal. But of course, in a hostile Cowboys Stadium environment, with the Birds trailing right away, it became a big deal. Jean-Gilles took a couple of penalties. Cole's shin-high shotgun snap was fumbled by Donovan McNabb, ending the team's most promising scoring drive of a 24-0 loss. The Eagles ran ineffectively, then not at all. Dallas pass rushers were able to load up without fear of being fooled. McNabb was sacked four times.

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Dilfer breaks down the playoff quarterbacks - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Dilfer's take on McNabb: The greatest testament to McNabb's season was the high level of productivity he enjoyed despite throwing to a very green corps of receivers. McNabb changed his game from a first-completion, West Coast mentality to a down-the-field approach seeking big plays to DeSean Jackson. The question I have here is whether McNabb's occasional inaccuracy issues will rise up and bite him the way they did against Arizona in the playoffs last season.

Max Jean-Gilles Official Website
It’s a blessing in disguise to the fact that we lost the game against the Cowboys, and now we have to turn around and play them again in the first round of the playoffs.

What do Russell and Leaf have in common? Vegas, baby! - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Reports indicate that Russell missed the Raiders' final team meeting of the 2009 season. Not a big deal if, as it was originally believed, Russell missed the meeting for "personal reasons". It's a bit more of a big deal if, as we have now learned, Russell took off for Las Vegas in lieu of that final meeting.

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