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When You Spit Upon A Star...

According to multiple reports released this morning,'s own Dave Spadaro posted a "Spudcam" video on the website wherein he videotapes himself spitting on the Dallas midfield star twice during pre-game warmups. Obviously, the video was taken down shortly after being shown on, but the damage was already done. In a letter of apology released last night, Spadaro writes:

It was not my intention to insult the Cowboys. It was my intention to enjoy the spirit of a great sports rivalry, and I clearly went over the line and acted unprofessionally...I took it to the extreme here, and admit that I have done so in other situations this year. Again, it is all done in the spirit of pre-game fun...Again, I apologize to those whom I have offended by my actions with Spudcam. I acted in an unprofessional manner and I am deserving of the punishment coming my way, and of the scorn of Dallas fans and those who did not appreciate my actions.

Read the full letter here.

And you can bet repercussions will be coming Spadero's way fairly quickly. If Dan Leone was fired over his derogatory Facebook post about Brian Dawkins' departure, you can bet the Eagles organization will have something to say about Spadaro's Dallas loogie. Talk about giving Philly a bad name. I think we'll be hearing about this incident for a while.

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