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McNabb speaks at day after press conference

There was a little mini controversy over Donovan McNabb's post game comments that admittedly I fell someone victim to myself. The quote everyone saw was "we showed our youth." People took that to mean he was blaming young players and not taking responsibility for himself. However, as the DN points out that was incorrect.

Before the Donovan haters get too wound up about that stuff he said about the Eagles' youngsters looking to someone else to step up, the question McNabb was asked concerned whether the Eagles showed their youth in the loss. It was not "who is to blame for this?''

If the question was whether the Eagles' young players struggled, the answer is an obvious yes. When actually asked about "who is to blame?", McNabb said this.

"It all starts with me. I have to raise my level of play, and everyone else has to, as well ... What I meant is, we have a young team, and a lot of things we were doing just were very uncharacteristic of what we did all throughout the year. I wasn’t blaming it on anyone, by any means. I said it was my fault on the snap, and I said that I need to elevate my game. I think at times, too many people focus on just little things, and not focus on what the whole question and the whole answer is. I’ve never attempted or even tried or will ever throw anyone under the bus. That’s just not me. I don’t do that. For these young guys, these young guys are part of the reason why we’re in the position we are. They’ve made a lot of plays for us, all throughout the year, and they will continue to make plays for us.

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