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Jason Peters may be in for a long day

Normally, guys selected as starters for the pro bowl get a quarter or two in before taking a seat an enjoying the sun for the rest of the afternoon. It's not meant to be an event where a guy plays the full four quarters... But for the NFC offensive tackles, that just may be the case.

Vikings' OT Bryant McKinnie was kicked off the NFC pro bowl roster for basically not attending any practices. Actually, the sum total of his involvement with the NFC team this week was one meeting that he managed to get himself to. Not only is it shameful for McKinnie to squander an honor that a lot of guys in this league work hard for, but it really puts his NFC teammates in a bind.

With him out of the picture, the NFC has only two other offensive tackles -- Philadelphia's Jason Peters and David Diehl of the New York Giants. Had he not been kicked off the team, McKinnie may have been too unprepared to play even in the NFC's simplified schemes, according to line coach Hudson Houck.

Hopefully Wade Phillips and his staff find someone else to play OT, because I don't think Giants or Eagles fans(or coaches) would be happy to see their starting OTs forced to risk a full game in the pro bowl.

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