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Eagles put on embarrassing display in season finale

Perhaps the only solace to take from the awful performance the Eagles put on today is that they'll have the opportunity to make up for it next week. The Eagles loss today combined with wins by the Vikings and Packers means that we'll get to see a rematch with Dallas in Arlington next week.

So while today's Eagles/Cowboys game was one of the biggest in the rivalry, next week's becomes even bigger. That game is truly for all the marbles.

Problem is, that's next week and we have a game that happened this week to deal with... It wasn't pretty. The Eagles were never really in the game and played pretty terribly on both sides of the ball. The defense played better in the second half, but their ineptitude in the first half put the team in a pretty deep hole.

As for the offense? Well, zero points pretty much says it all. They were able to move the ball in the first half, but mistakes seemed to end every drive. In the second half though, you couldn't really blame mistakes as much. They were simply outplayed.

Like I said, they've got themselves a chance next week to make up for this one... but they're going to have to play 100% better to do so.

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Poor day from McNabb and the receivers

I wouldn't say McNabb was totally inaccurate today, but the passes he did miss on were sure fire TDs. Desean Jackson was wide open for a sure fire TD and Jeremy Maclin smoked Mike Jenkins for what would have been another and McNabb missed badly both times. If there was any two passes he couldn't miss on, it was those two. As badly as the Eagles played today, it's a different ball game if those 14 points were on the board.

That said, McNabb's targets weren't helping out very much. Brent Celek dropped a couple sure fire first down passes, Desean Jackson had a few drops, as did Maclin. Speaking of Maclin, I'm not sure what was going on at the end there... but he either never knew the ball was coming or was simply worried about the safety too much, but he never even seemed to look for the ball. Either way, a very poor job.

37 yards rushing

Really? They really never even tried. There were 8 runs called today, one of which went to DeSean Jackson. Leonard Weaver and LeSean McCoy, who've done great work for the team over this 6-0 run both carried the ball once.

This actually seems hard to do

Not blitzing and yet still having opposing WRs wide open? The Eagles D didn't get any pressure today, they weren't covering anyone, and they couldn't stop the run. There's really nothing they did well.

At least this is as bad as they get right?

Clearly, this is the worst the Eagles have played all year. The score bears that out. I suppose we can only hope that they can't possibly play this bad in the rematch...

Good time to be a Cowboys fan!

First your Lakers win the title, then your Yankees win it all, now your Cowboys won the NFC East! Congrats! I bet you're partying in Ohio/Florida/Nebraska/Virgina ect tonight!

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