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Roseman officially named new Eagles GM

We guessed it would happen back on January 9th and today it became official. Howie Roseman has been named the general manager of your Philadelphia Eagles. had this to say about Roseman's duties.

Now in his 11th year in Philadelphia, Roseman spent the last two seasons as the team's vice president of player personnel. As the team's general manager, he will maintain a very similar role, working closely with head coach Andy Reid in all aspects of the player personnel department. He will manage the college and pro scouting staffs, organize draft meetings and the draft board, scout the top collegiate players around the country and assist in formulating the team's roster throughout the year.

As I said before, what makes Roseman different is that he's not a "jock" type who grew up in the game. He hasn't coached at any level, I don't believe he's played the game at any significant level, and didn't come up through the scouting ranks as many GMs do. Still, he's been a member of the front office for over a decade and the Eagles obviously know whether the guy has an eye for talent or not. Fact is, he has probably had at least some input in every draft pick and free agent signing we've made over the past couple years. How much, as with most things in the Eagles FO, is a mystery. says that Roseman has already earned a solid reputation around the league.


“He knows his stuff," an NFL GM said earlier this week. "It’s not like the Eagles are promoting some guy off the street. He’s become more involved in personnel matters and looks to have a keen eye for talent.”

Roseman will meet the media today at 1:30.

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