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McNabb plans to stay, DeSean Jackson weighs in

Donovan McNabb and Desean Jackson are at the pro bowl this week and both addressed the speculation over McNabb's future with the team. For Donovan's part, nothing he said was particularly surprising. Has he ever not said "the right thing?" Here he responds to Andy Reid saying that he would be back next year.

"That's all that matters," McNabb said during a one-on-one interview with The Inquirer. "I heard it when he said it to you guys, but I heard it before anyway. I think a lot of people look too far into things with all the assumptions and this could happen. He told everybody I'm going to be there, and I'm his guy. I don't see anything that anybody should look into."

So he thinks he'll back and he wants to be.

"I believe in starting somewhere and finishing what you started. My goal was to win a Super Bowl and bring it back to Philadelphia. I think they deserve it. We've given them some great years, but we haven't been able to finish. I think good things have to happen pretty soon."

DeSean Jackson was also asked about his thoughts on McNabb's future. He labeled it a "difficult decision" that the team faces, but didn't really take a firm stance on the issue.

"I don't sense no problem," he said after fooling around with McNabb during the NFC's practice. "People are going to have their own perception about what happens on the field. The biggest thing is . . . we're teammates. It's a tough situation. Donovan has been here a long time and Kolb is a part of the whole group also. There aren't favorites. It's not, 'I like him better.' We're a team."

I actually really liked what DeSean says here. It's kind of what I've been saying as we debated this whole McNabb vs Kolb thing the past month. I like both of these guys and I'd be excited to see either at QB for the team next year.

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