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Sheldon Brown says "No" to pro bowl

Sheldon Brown won't be at this year's pro bowl, but it won't be because he was snubbed... It's because he doesn't want to go.

Brown was named a second alternate when the rosters were initially announced and the opportunity was there for him to make his Pro Bowl debut. However, Brown turned down an invitation, citing personal reasons, the Eagles told the Daily News' Les Bowen.

It would have been cool to see Sheldon finally get that pro bowl bid, but honestly the meaning of being named to the pro bowl has been seriously cheapened this year. I think the NFC is down to it's 3rd alternate at corner. The NFC is definitely down to it's 3rd alternate at returner... Matt Schaub is now starting for the AFC at QB. David Garrard is in the pro bowl and he was the 8th choice... I'm not kidding, he was really the 8th alternate after Peyton Manning couldn't play, injuries, guys like Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer turned down invites. At this rate, Shawn Andrews has an outside shot at getting named to the roster and he hasn't played in two years.

Up to 17 alternates could play in the game.

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