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ESPN Favre rules for all!

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If you tuned to ESPN after Sunday's NFC title game, you were probably expecting to hear some discussion about Brett Favre's ill advised interception at the end of regulation that in all likelihood cost the Vikings a trip to the Superbowl... You did hear that discussion, but not in the way you expected. On second thought, it was probably exactly like you expected.

Right after the Vikings' lost to the Saints last night, thanks largely to yet another foolish, soul-crushing interception from Brett Favre, ESPN's Tom Jackson had the opportunity to talk about the historic Saints victory. He didn't. Instead, he said, "That's the thing about Brett Favre: He's not afraid to throw interceptions. You have to admire him for that."

"That's the thing about Buckner ’ he's not afraid to muff a grounder. That's one of the things I most admire about him."

Thus the #ESPNFavrerulesforall hash tag on twitter was born. I thought it would be fun to do some Eagles themed Favre rules. I already did mine.