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The Linc - Another perspective on Westbrook

So... this is what Martell Mallett looks like.
So... this is what Martell Mallett looks like.

Westy Retirement? Not So Fast | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/19/2010
The Brian Westbrook I know is a courageous competitior, though, and an ornery guy. To meekly shuffle off into retirement because that course fits the team's agenda? Not the guy that decided to boycott the start of training camp in 2005 without even telling his then-agent. Not the guy who denounced management from the NovaCare stage during a news conference when he was angry about his contract. I don't see Westbrook giving up on his career, at age 30, without a fight.

Philadelphia Eagles 2009: A Final Recap |
As the Eagles ponder their future and wonder how a team that blew them out twice in six days got blown out themselves, here is look back at the 2009 season with at least one eye on 2010. Right now, the Eagles look like a perennial playoff team, but nothing more. They are good enough to find 10 to 11 wins on their schedule, but appear to be miles away from getting back to the Super Bowl. So what do they do? Let’s first look at what they have done.

Bob Ford: Don't expect Eagles to move past McNabb just yet | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/19/2010
The quarterback is older now, almost certainly beyond his best years, and, in the biggest game of the season, his explosive offense sputtered and the road to the Super Bowl became a roadblock. Behind him, waiting ever impatiently, is the younger quarterback, the one whose time must arrive, somewhere if not here.

Rich Hofmann: To fix Eagles defense, start with secondary | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/19/2010
In general, the Eagles rushed the passer just fine last year. Only a half-dozen teams in the NFL had a higher sack percentage than they did. This was not some kind of gross deficiency.

Eagles Sign CFL Rookie of Year Mallett
The Eagles on Tuesday signed running back Martell Mallett, who spent last season with the BC Lions of the CFL. Mallett (6-0, 210) rushed 214 times for 1,280 yards (5.8 per carry) and six touchdowns last season. The 23-year-old also had 43 receptions for 342 yards and two scores and was named the league’s Most Outstanding Rookie.

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