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McNabb, Kolb, young Eagles, & Howard Eskin

I was going to address this later today, but I see it's already making the rounds so we might as well get into it. PFT is circulating a report by Howard Eskin that may or may not mean anything at all.

Howard Eskin of WIP radio and NBC Philadelphia recently has reported that, during the 2009 season, young offensive players were going to Kevin Kolb for advice on the sidelines before approaching McNabb.

Who knows what kind of "advice" he's talking about and never mind that it's not at all uncommon for players to talk to the backup QB... we all know what Eskin's implication is here. He's implying that Kevin Kolb is a better leader than Donovan McNabb. The way I see it, there's two explanations here. One is that Eskin is just stirring up some controversy and attaching meaning to something that doesn't actually have any. Wouldn't really be uncommon for a host of a sports talk radio show in the midst of a ratings war.

The other possibility is that he's a plant. We know that Eskin is close with Andy Reid and the Eagles front office and there's always the chance that they're using him to soften up the fanbase for McNabb's departure. It wouldn't be the first time tidbits about a player have leaked through the media before the Eagles parted ways with him...

Actually, Yahoo sports had an interesting interpretation that may or may not be meant seriously...

This is being seen as some indication of the team's future and the fact that the players think Kolb is the "better leader." But it could just be that there is a generation gap between the young players and the ancient 33-year-old McNabb.

Either way, it's the offseason and this is the kind of gossip fans of all teams can expect.

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