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The Linc - Ever wonder what Sam Rayburn is up to?

Decade Of Change: Eliminating Mediocrity In America's Favorite Sport - SB Nation
NFL football is very much a watered-down product these days. The gap between 11-5 and 5-11 is narrower than ever, but the sea of teams between those records is massive, year in and year out. This isn’t parity; it’s inconsistent, at times unwatchable football. Three ways to help fix this:

Didinger's Season Review: Birds' Losses Not a Shock
The Eagles will tell you this was a very good season. Donovan McNabb took it a step farther, saying it was a great season. No, it wasn’t.

Roseman expected to fill Heckert's role with Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/12/2010
Heckert's departure is a tad mysterious, in that the Eagles once went to great lengths to retain him, but did not offer to extend his contract this time. It would have expired after the 2010 season. Heckert is being hired by Reid's old Green Bay mentor.

YouTube - Lake Waco with Kevin Kolb
Trent Cole is not the only outdoorsman on the Eagles... - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Once Again, Play Calling Not the Problem in Dallas
Yesterday's post about Donovan McNabb sparked a very interesting, surprisingly level-headed debate in the comments. In a way, it was a step forward for everybody. It's typically a discussion that devolves into one side calling the other haters and drunken... - Local Eagle recalls Super Bowl XXXIX

Sam Rayburn recalls playing in Super Bowl 39

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