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Eagles free agents list - Who to keep, who to let walk?

The following Eagles are supposed to be eligible for unrestricted free agency this offseason, but unless a new CBA gets done in the next couple months players with less than 6 years of service will only be restricted free agents.

Jason Avant, WR, Jason Babin, DE, Nick Cole, G/C, Omar Gaither, LB, Chris Gocong, LB, Ellis Hobbs, CB, Max Jean-Gilles, G, Sean Jones, S, Akeem Jordan, LB, Sav Rocca, P, Alex Smith, TE, Jeremiah Trotter, LB, Leonard Weaver, FB, Tracy White, LB

As it stands now Avant, Cole, Gocong, Jean-Gilles, Jordan, Weaver, & I think White would be restricted.

I'll give my thoughts on who to keep and who to let walk after the jump, but who do you think is important to keep around?

Jason Avant, WR - No brainer. Not only should he be kept he should be given a longer term deal. Avant isn't our most talented or exciting WR, but he's dependable and sure handed. His presence on 3rd downs is invaluable.

Jason Babin, DE - Meh. He plays hard and has gotten some pressure at times, still he only managed 2.5 sacks and didn't seem to do much late in the year. Maybe he's brought back to camp next year, but I wouldn't be that concerned.

Nick Cole, G/C - I think you have to bring him back. He's a capable backup at a couple positions and now he's got a year of starting experience. I don't really want him as a starter next year, but he's a pretty decent security blanket.

Omar Gaither, LB - After essentially demoting him twice in two years I don't really know why the Eagles would bring back Gaither. I like the guy and I never thought he was all that bad... but I don't see him coming back.

Chris Gocong, LB - I'd bring him back barring another addition at SAM. For a 7th round pick, Moise Fokou did an ok job at times this year but he was only a stop gap. Gocong spent a good portion of the year injured and didn't play great when tried to come back, still I think he's been solid when healthy. I'm certainly interested in upgrading the position and if there's someone better out there then that could change my mind on Gocong.

Ellis Hobbs, CB - I'd be interested in bringing back Hobbs as a returner, but I would imagine some team out there would give him a shot to earn a starting corner job. So he can go.

Max Jean-Gilles, G - He's gotten plenty of chances to play this year and in year's past and has never really shown anything. Let him walk.

Sean Jones, S - We should be focused on bringing in a legit starter at safety. Jones did some good things year, but not enough.

Akeem Jordan, LB - I'd really like to see Akeem Jordan in the role Omar Gaither was supposed to have this year, as the backup for a couple of positions.

Sav Rocca, P - Way too inconsistent. It was a fun experiment, but we can do better.

Alex Smith, TE - I could go either way on Alex Smith. Obviously the hope is that Cornelius Ingram is healthy next year and becomes Brent Celek's backup, but the fact he's totally unproven and has struggled with injuries... It wouldn't be a bad idea to have Alex Smith around as cover.

Jeremiah Trotter, LB - It was fun seeing Trotter back and honestly he played better than I expected... But with Stewart Bradley coming back and more additions in the LB corps likely I don't think they need Trotter back.

Leonard Weaver, FB - Without a doubt he should be back and with a long term deal.

Tracy White, LB - White was a core special teamer this year and that's valuable.

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