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The Linc - Elsewhere around Philadelphia...

The Decade in Review: Phillies v. Eagles - The Good Phight
With the Eagles now done for the decade, we can ask the question: who had the better decade, the Phillies or the Eagles?

Cheer up, Eagles fans: The Flyers are here - Broad Street Hockey
With the football season over in Philadelphia, Eagles fans will need somewhere to turn their sporting habits. The Flyers are calling.

Paul Domowitch: Eagles' losses all McDermott's fault? Not so fast | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/11/2010
It would be a big mistake to look at what happened to the Eagles' defense the last 2 weeks and blame it all on Sean McDermott. It would be a big mistake to think that if only Jim Johnson still were alive, the old man would have found a way to work his blitz magic and prevent the carnage that occurred in the last eight quarters of the Eagles' season.

Might have been last game as Eagle for Westbrook | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/11/2010
After what might have been Brian Westbrook's final game in an Eagles uniform, a reporter asked rookie LeSean McCoy if he thought he would be the team's primary back next season. "I'm not sure," said McCoy, who has been extremely deferential to Westbrook all season. Here's a wild guess, kid: You will be.

Hugging Harold Reynolds: DeSean Jackson Fan Not Pleased with Announcing Effort by Collinsworth & Michaels
As if watching your team get shellacked for the second consecutive week by the Cowboys weren't bad enough, not even Bud 40s and pantomime masturbation could help this young man stomach the sound of Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels.

Stacy Andrews + Shawn Andrews = ? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/11/2010
Stacy Andrews said that he could have played Sunday, which raises the question: Was the little-used Eagles guard held back this season because of his surgically repaired knee or because he just wasn't good enough?

Pass to Maclin will go a long way for Vick | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/11/2010
It won't be courage awards or dogfighting speeches or endless, botched quarterback draws that will mark Michael Vick's season as an Eagle. It will be a 76-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin, thrown on a designed rollout to Vick's left, thrown on target, where the defender couldn't touch it, where Maclin could catch it and race up the sideline.

Heckert to Browns is official | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/11/2010
The Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Tom Heckert as their general manager this afternoon.

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