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What they're saying - Eagles bow out in first round

With two straight embarrassing losses to the Cowboys to end their season, these Eagles have a slot of explaining to do... I doubt you'll find much satisfaction amongst these quotes however.

Donovan McNabb was obviously asked what he thought went wrong...

"I take full responsibility for all of it, for all the opportunities we had to make plays, I should've made those plays for our team, and I just didn't."

Sean McDermott's defense was sliced up once again... Why is that Sean?

"We've lost some production this year at the safety position.  I would think that needs to improve next year if we want to go as far as we'd like to go as a team."

You lost "all" production this year at the safety position.

Andy Reid was pretty frank.

"I saw us slip as a football team the last two weeks, not as a defense, not as an offense and not as coaches. (snip)

They were better all the way around – in every phase. I guess we did a couple decent things on special teams, but that was about it. They’re the better team right now. They came out and kicked our tail two weeks in a row in every way."

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Brent Celek

"It's disheartening. We have a ton of talent. We showed that throughout the year. Now because one team beat us twice in a row, it put a bad marker on our whole season."

Well that one team was the Cowboys and those two times were for the NFC East title and a chance to move on in the playoffs. So... yeah it does put a bad marker.

Macho Harris talked about his rookie year

"I could never replace Dawkins. There was no pressure. I felt I could play ball myself. I felt, like, 'I'm a rookie. If they're making that comparison as a rookie, compared to B-Dawk's 12th year, that's unreal. I want to improve my whole game. From zero to 10, I want to get better. Get stronger. Get faster. Work with the coaches more and know exactly what they want."

DeSean Jackson

"It was the same thing as last week. It’s embarrassing. We never planned to lose like this. To have it happen in the same environment is very disappointing."

Finally, Jeremiah Trotter was asked if the Cowboys are just better?

"It is what it is. We know we can play better, but there’s one thing in knowing it and doing it. We haven’t done it the last two weeks. So right now, yeah, until we close the gap, that’s what it’s going to be."

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