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Michael Vick and the most surreal record ever

I caught this little note from about a record that was set last night...

In his first play since the Week 15 win over the 49ers, quarterback Michael Vick provided an instant spark. Vick connected with Jeremy Maclin for a 76-yard touchdown pass, the longest pass play in Eagles postseason history.

It's just crazy to me that of all the playoff games we've been involved in and all the great players we've had that it's Michael Vick who threw the longest pass in Eagles playoff history. That guy we hated for so many years as a member of the Falcons and the guy we beat on the one of the greatest days in Eagles history, the 2004 NFC Title game. Also, a guy who very well may not be here next year.

The Eagles have a team option to bring back Vick next year if they choose. They could bring him back, let him walk, or potentially trade him.

When asked how he'd feel if he were to return to play in the same role he had this year Vick said "I'd do it." Clearly, he wants to go somewhere and start. I'm fine with him feeling that way and I'd be happy to see the Eagles get whatever they can for him. With all the bad teams and terrible QBs in this league and I can't see how Mike Vick wouldn't get a chance to start somewhere. Whether the Eagles decide to move him or not depends on what they can get for him and probably what they do with McNabb. I simply don't see Vick and McNabb both back next year. If the Eagles decided to part ways with McNabb, I think it would make sense to keep Vick around as cover for Kevin Kolb.

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