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The Linc - In which everyone rips the Eagles

Done in Dallas: Eagles Crushed by Cowboys, 34-14
For the first time in team history, the Eagles have lost to Dallas three times in a season. The latest loss is the second most lopsided in Eagles postseason history (the worst occurred in 1993, a 34-10 defeat to – who else? – Dallas). It’s also the first time under Reid that the Eagles have lost their first game of the postseason; they’re 7-1.

Doomsday | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/09/2010
On nights like these, it is hard to know where to begin. Because you would need a fire hose to clean the mess off of the sidewalk, there is nothing to do but stare at it for a while and search for some kind of meaning within the mess. But it is hard.

McNabb came up small in this one | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2010
This 34-14 loss, like all the other Eagles postseason losses of the last 10 years, will be pinned firmly on Donovan McNabb, and even his most ardent supporter, Andy Reid, will have a hard time exonerating the quarterback for this one.

Phil Sheridan: McNabb failed, so did Reid | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2010

The case against Donovan McNabb was made most convincingly here last night by Donovan McNabb. He didn't complete a pass until midway through the second quarter. One of his biggest gains came when he threw an interception and the Eagles got the ball back downfield on a fumble recovery.

Gonzo: Time for McNabb to move on | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2010
To be clear, McNabb isn't the sole reason the Birds got bludgeoned down in Dallas (again). The entire team was awful (again). All the Eagles should help themselves to the Blame Buffet - it's all you can eat. That said, Five was pretty dreadful.

Bob Ford: In the end, Eagles just weren't that good | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2010
After two courses of intensive education in Cowboys Stadium in the space of seven days, the lesson learned by the Eagles is pretty clear. Not only are the Dallas Cowboys a better team, but they are better by a significant margin. The race to catch up with the Cowboys begins today and unless it is accomplished, the Eagles are going to be sentenced to seasons that end as quickly and painfully as the one that came to a close last night. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Embarrassed in Big D
You can pretty much pick any Eagles player on the field and find something to criticize him about but the fact of the matter is the Cowboys are the better football team.

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: A Time Of Big Pronouncements
Clearly, the Eagles can't bring the exact same team back next year. They have to address some of the problem areas. But there are 20 other teams that wish they'd had the opportunity to play in this game tonight. And there are plenty of other teams actually in the playoffs that the Eagles could have beaten. Just not, unfortunately, the Cowboys.

Frank: It's time for a new roster to try for the final prize | | The News Journal
The Eagles just weren't good enough. They didn't have the "best roster in the league," as Eagles president Joe Banner proudly proclaimed last summer during training camp. And it wasn't even close. Now, that roster will have to change.

McNabb's future once again an issue after loss -
"I say it every year," McNabb said after Philadelphia lost to the Dallas Cowboys 34-14 in the opening round of the playoffs Saturday night. "I want to be here and don't want to be anywhere else."

Just Two Horsemen Shy Of An Apocalypse - Dallas Cowboys - Deadspin
Just who did Jerry Jones have to schmooze to get the Cowboys their first playoff win since Miles Austin was 11 years old? Oh right, him. But that wasn't the only excitable polarizing manchild in the owner's box last night:

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