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The Linc - Gus the Groundhog makes the Eagles


Bob Ford: Eagles' roster feels unfinished | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/06/2009
For the Eagles, apparently, it's also a long way to next Sunday and the season opener at Carolina. The roster announced yesterday was like an off-the-rack suit, loose in some spots, tight in others, and destined to undergo alterations sooner rather than later.

Jason Peters eager to prove Eagles right | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/06/2009
The Eagles grade every player on every team, and when Reid glanced at Peters' scouting report two years ago it got his attention.

Eagles: Cutdown analysis - NFC East - ESPN
I guess putting quarterback Michael Vick on the commissioner's special exemption list might qualify, but it might only be for a day or two. The Eagles kept A.J. Feeley on the 53-man roster, probably so they can keep trying to trade him. As long as Vick's on that exemption list, he can't practice with the Eagles. But they can take him off the list at any time.

Eagles Notes: Eagles shed 3 from 2008 draft | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/06/2009
When the team announced its 53-man roster, and 2008 draft picks Bryan Smith and Jack Ikegwuonu were missing from the list, it came as a bit of a surprise. "Obviously, we had big expectations for both of those guys," Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said last night on a conference call.

Goodell displays good judgment with Vick ruling - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Goodell has earned the nickname "The Hammer" for vowing to restore order to the NFL, which has been overwhelmed by a series of misbehaving players. While he hasn’t hesitated to drop down lengthy suspensions, he’s also demonstrated a forceful but fair sensibility.

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