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Trotter to play first and second downs?

I'm not sure if Jeremiah Trotter was just being confident or if he was shedding light on the Eagles plans for him when he said this...

Trotter said that he will play on first and second downs.

"Listen, I don't think they'd bring me back to play special teams," said Trotter, who signed a one-year deal Tuesday. "Fortunately, I played in this system for a lot of years so that'll help, but you still have to try and get things down to where you're not thinking and reacting so it's going to take some time."

If that were the case, that would essentially means he's the starter right? I'm skeptical about that. At least for the next couple weeks I don't see much changing. Trotter could come in on obvious run downs, but if he's in there on most first and second downs I could see teams really trying to exploit him... just like the last time he was here.

We'll see.... Frankly, I thought Omar Gaither did a great job against the Chiefs.

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