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Breaking: Michael Vick eligible to play in week three

Roger Goodell just announced to a room of reporters that Michael Vick will be fully reinstated for the Eagles week three game at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Michael Vick's reinstatement to the NFL will no longer be conditional after two weeks of the regular season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told a small group of reporters the news in New York Thursday, including and PFT's Tom Curran. 

Goodell said that Vick is "Demonstrating his commitment and will use better judgment going forward. We are looking for a success story here."

We discussed this a bit yesterday, but 2 games seems like a rather pointless and trivial amount to continue Vick's suspension. If it was meant as a real punishment, surely the full 6 weeks that Goodell had allowed himself would have been be more appropriate? After being suspended for two years and in prison, I just don't see the point of keeping him out of another two games. Especially since he was allowed to play in the preseason.

It seems to me that the two games are a token gesture to avoid the perception of Vick being allowed back with no punishment(even though he's been suspended for two years). I guess I don't see the point if that's all it is...

Either way, the mystery is over. Case is closed. Needless to say the national spotlight will shine on the Linc in week 3 and the Kansas City Chiefs will probably will be watching tonight's preseason finale against the Jets a lot more closely....

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