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Glazer: Eagles sign Jeremiah Trotter

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In one of the more head scratching moves of the offseason, the Eagles have brought back Jeremiah Trotter for a 3rd time.

Despite an impressive win on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles are still looking to bolster their defense and are doing so with a familiar name.

The Eagles have agreed to a free-agent contract with the team's former starting middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, has learned. The contract is a one-year deal for the league minimum.

First, the Eagles clearly know more about Trotter's health and athletic condition than I do. They've worked him out twice, I'm just guessing. That said, I'm very skeptical of the Trotter signing affecting the team in any meaningful way. He's been out of football since 2007, his knees were destroyed then, and now he's 32. Like all Eagles fans, Trotter has always been a favorite of mine and I'll certainly be pulling for the guy... but I'm not expecting much.

I expect that Jeff Garcia will be the guy cut to make room.

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