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What they're saying - Eagles win over Chiefs

The quote of the week has to come from Chiefs safety Mike Brown.

"We prepared, but you can't simulate the way they do it," said strong safety Mike Brown. "They kicked our [butts] today. That's the bottom line. Just think if they had [Donovan] McNabb and [Brian] Westbrook. They've got some Pro Bowl players over there."

Kevin Kolb on the experience of starting the past two games

"Well, it's just confidence that you can get it done at this level in a game-time situation in the regular season. And although you believe it before, nobody truly knows. And that's why there's so much doubt in the air always with a young player. Hopefully I'll put the past behind me with the mistakes I made before. We can move on with what went on today and I just don't want to relax now. I want to just keep trying to get better in practice, if I'm not getting the game reps then just keep getting better in practice and keep pressing."

Michael Vick on how he thought he played

"I think I played fairly well. I think I made good decisions with the plays that I had. I missed one ball across the middle. I feel like I could have hit that. I guess I just have to make sure I keep my arm warm on the sideline so when I go in there I'm not cold. Other than that, I made good decisions with the ball. My focus primarily was to be smart and not turn the ball over."

Much more after the jump including Quintin Mikell, Randall Cunningham, Omar Gaither, Todd Haley, Jamaal Jackson, & Michael Vick.

Quintin Mikell was asked whether the embarassment against New Orleans was a factor in how they played yesterday

"You know, it was kind of one of those things when you say: 'Okay, by Tuesday, you watch the film and it's over with' but everyone in there today I can guarantee you was still thinking about what happened last week. We don't want that to happen again, so we had to go out there and gain our respect back; we had to go out there and get our swagger back. And I feel like we did it."

Randall Cunningham spoke about being inducted into the Eagles honor roll

"I'm very honored that Mr. Lurie would consider me. To be able to get into the Honor Roll is a blessing. I went out and saw some of the guys that have been inducted, and it was great to see Jerome Brown and Reggie [White] and other players, but to go in with Al [Wistert] is awesome because I'm 46, and to be sitting here with Al is just a pleasure. I think about my son being able to be here. If you guys remember during the Dallas playoff game, we were having him and I didn't get to go to practice, but now he gets to share in this with my daughters Vashti and Grace, and my sons [Christian and Randall] who are in the other room along with my brother [former NFL running back] Sam-Bam [Cunningham], and with my wife [Felicity] and my aunt.. It's a pleasure just to come back to Philadelphia and to step on the field with Al. It's an honor to receive something like this. This is my Hall of Fame. I'm satisfied now."

Omar Gaither was a little puzzled by the Chiefs' game plan when they were down big

"(RB Larry) Johnson is their workhorse. Honestly, I was surprised a little bit. They run the ball a lot but they ran the ball much more than I thought they would with the score being what it was."

Chiefs' HC Todd Haley explained why the team kept running the ball despite being blown out

"I think to be the team that we want to be we are going to have to be able to run the ball even when they have too many up there. We are trying to win the game, but at the same time we are trying to establish an identity around here. Three yards of rushing offense at halftime, to me, is unacceptable. It was not something that I thought at the time I could let go at the wayside with our offense. Again, we are trying to establish an identity around here. You can call it conservative if you want. I think it had a purpose as far as myself and the team goes, and I will leave it at that."

Eagles' C Jamaal Jackson didn't like WR Desean Jackson's front flip into split end zone celebration

"I told him, 'Great run, but let's try to exhibit some professionalism,' " the Eagles' center said. "There's nothing wrong with a little celebration, but once you put your body at risk, that's when you want to take a step back and look at the big picture. There's nothing wrong with just handing the ball to the ref."

Finally, Michael Vick said that what we saw from him in the wildcat is just the start...

"We have so much still for the future," Vick said. "We just wanted to go out there and get some looks and see how they were going to play and not tip our hand to what we really wanted to do with this Wildcat thing. We've got a lot of different variations and it's going to be exciting, and I just want to contribute."

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