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Eagles win comfortably 34-14 over Chiefs

The game was a blowout. Kevin Kolb was sat down in the second half. Jeff Garcia was inserted into the game.

If you had been given all those facts and not the final score... who would you have said won this game? Probably not the Eagles... but the boys in green were victorious on the back of a dominating defensive performance and a great showing from QB Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles defense from week one reappeared sacking Matt Cassel 3 times and holding Kansas City to just under 200 yards of total offense. The offense was equally terrific scoring 30+ and racking up 420 yards of total offense. In his second career start Kevin Kolb was 24 of 34 for 327 yards, 2 passing TDs, and a rushing TD. Most importantly he didn't turn the ball over. He looked like a starting NFL quarterback out there, and a pretty good one at that. Actually, Kevin Kolb is the first QB in NFL history to throw for over 300 yards in his first two starts.

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Action Jackson in full effect

Another great game from Desean Jackson. As of this writing he is leading the league in receiving today with 149 yards on 6 catches and a TD. His touchdown pass came on a quick slant that was threaded between two guys, Desean broke one tackle and then split the KC safeties as he streaked down the middle of the field for a TD. It was a quintessential west coast offense TD. Quick slant, run after the catch, touchdown.

Fearsome front 7

The Eagles front 7 were absolutely stifling. They ate up any run that came their way, and any time Cassel dropped back to pass he had someone in his face. It was amazing to watch after what happened last week. It didn't even look like the same team. They were absolutely dominant.

Maybe the best stat you'll hear today

If we put aside that last meaningless fumble by Garcia at the end of the game... The Eagles offense had no penalties, gave up no sacks, and didn't turn the ball over once. We saw a disciplined, smart, and effective Eagles offense in what was their best performance of the year to date. There's still improvements to be made, 3rd down efficiency could be better and they settled for FGs a few times... but those complaints are minor in the context of the game today. The Eagles were dominant throughout.

Return of the Rocca

Over the first couple weeks of the year, Sav Rocca had been wildly inconsistent. He hit a boomer one play and shank on the next... Special teams coach Ted Daisher challenged Rocca this week and Sav responded with a really solid game. Speaking of special teams... the penalties that plauged them last week were gone.

Rookie watch

The Eagles started 3 rookies today, including Jeremy Maclin and Lesean McCoy for their first NFL starts. Maclin had 4 catches for 33 yards, McCoy looked very good rushing for 84 yards at 4.2 per attempt and a TD. Macho Harris added 4 tackles.

Gotta give it up to Brent Celek

Anyone who regularly reads the site knows I had my doubts about Celek coming into this year. It's not as if I thought he was a bad player, I just thought we could really upgrade the TE position... Now? I'm not so sure. Celek has had a fantastic start to the year and turned in yet another great performance today. 8 catches, 104 yards, and a TD. He's clearly a favorite target of Kevin Kolb and the amount effort he puts in on every play is impressive. Celek seems to have taken the next step this year, he's been fantastic. Right now, he's leading all NFL TEs in catches.

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