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Freddie Mitchell goes bust... again

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Freddie Mitchell's first career as an NFL WR didn't exactly work out that well. Unfortunately, the self professed people's champ's second career as a restaurateur doesn't seem to have worked any better...

Former NFL player Freddie Mitchell must turn over the keys to Brothers' Bar-B-Q in Lakeland, Polk County Judge Anne H. Kaylor ruled Friday. Mitchell had entered into a lease-to-own agreement with the owner, Mary Harris, court records show. The former Philadelphia Eagles player paid about $15,000 but still owed $80,000, according to court records. Harris sued to get the now-closed restaurant back.

In case you're wondering, this is the same restaurant that a package was sent through FedEx(to FredEX!) full of marijuana....

There was also his career as a substitute teacher...

Suffice to say, Freddie's post football career has certainly not gone well. The tone of all this is jokey... but honestly it's kind of sad what's happened to him.

I wonder if he'll somehow blame this on Donovan McNabb as well?

Times are hard for the people's champ - 700 Level

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