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Vick ruling to come soon?

Interesting tidbit in today's Inquirer piece about a possible trade of AJ Feeley.

A league source said the Eagles have had numerous inquiries about A.J. Feeley, but the team's decision about dealing the quarterback could be based on when commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Michael Vick. The source said the Eagles expect to know what week Vick will be reinstated before the Sept. 13 opener against Carolina.

I've always felt that the Eagles have had a pretty good idea of when Vick would be allowed back when they signed him. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie specifically said he had discussions with commissioner Roger Goodell about Vick before making the deal and there's no way the topic of when his suspension would be over didn't come up.

The only official stance on Vick's suspension is that the commissioner would rule on the case no later then week 6, meaning he could do it right now if he wanted or he could wait until week 6... but the fact is that he wouldn't leave the Eagles in limbo for that long. If the Eagles don't already know when Vick will be available, they should in the next week or so.

As for Feeley, it's a numbers game. The Eagles aren't going to keep four quarterbacks. There's just no need and Feeley seems to be the odd man out. If he can indeed bring something of value in return, then so be it.

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