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The Linc - Happy trails Hank Baskett

Kolb's getting plenty of advice - NFC East - ESPN
"Jeff, he’s good about, like I talked about before, tempo, how to run a huddle," Kolb said. "Jeff has all the intangibles and when you are stepping in behind a guy like Donovan, you have to have all of those intangibles. Donovan has always helped me out with you guys and helped me out with the team and just the way he sees it. He never forces his opinion on anybody. He just kind of says, ‘Hey look, this is the way I look at it. Do what you feel comfortable [doing].’ And Vick is kind of a laid-back guy. He just kind of says, ‘Hey, don’t let it get to you, just keep rolling with it.' They all have their own little piece of advice."

Stacy Andrews Certain Brother Shawn Will Play Again
"I know without a doubt that he wants to keep playing. Why wouldn’t he? We’re both here," said Stacy, who said his brother isn’t concerned about never playing again. "Not at all," Stacy said. "He’s going to get stronger, and he’ll be back."

Baskett to Colts; 5 More Weeks for Todd? | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/17/2009
Left guard Todd Herremans said that right now, he expects to be wheeling his repaired left foot around on that little cart for three more weeks. So if all goes super-well, he might get back in the lineup a few weeks after the Birds’ bye. "I want to shoot for the first Washington game (Oct. 26) so I can make all the divisional games," said Herremans, who suffered what the team initially called a "stress reaction" during workouts at Lehigh. MRIs eventually showed it as a stress fracture.

Breaking News: Colts To Sign WR Hank Baskett - Stampede Blue
Breaking News: Colts To Sign WR Hank Baskett

DeSean, Kolb and the speed gun | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/16/2009
DeSean Jackson compares McNabb and Kolb.

More after the jump including news on TO, the cowboys and giants, & a funny baseball highlight.

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | WSH@PHI: Dad makes the catch but daughter returns it - Video | Multimedia
Funny moment from the Phils game the other night: A father makes a great catch on a foul ball, then he gives it to his daughter, who promptly tosses it to the deck below

The VRR: Trash Talk Heating up Between Cowboys and Giants - Blogging The Boys
Apparently the Cowboys and Giants don't like each other... I can relate with that.

Sullivan: As a leader, T.O. dropped the ball : Sports : The Buffalo News
It took one game for the Buffalo media to learn what we've all known for years.

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