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ESPN: Eagles decline Westbrook option

It's amazing how much news there's been today... The latest is this nugget from ESPN's John Clayton.

Brian Westbrook's long-term security apparently isn't as long as he had anticipated.

A revision in the five-year, $32 million extension the Philadelphia Eagles running back signed last August indicated the $7 million option bonus due in 2010 wasn't exercised by the team, according to multiple sources. By not exercising the $7 million bonus, Westbrook's contract ends in 2010.

I believe what this means is that Westbrook could be a free agent after next year. I don't think many people expected Westbrook to get all of that 5 year extension, like many contracts there was certainly some funny money in the final years. Plus, the list of running backs still in the NFL at 34 or 35 is pretty short. Are there any right now?

I'm interested to hear what the parties involved have to say about this.

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