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Eagles activate Michael Vick, release Hank Baskett

The Eagles news mill has absolutely been on fire these past few days... Yet another major(somewhat) story has just broken. The Eagles taken Michael Vick off the exempt list and added him to the 53 man roster. To make room, they released WR Hank Baskett.

With just one week left in Vick's suspension, the Eagles obviously felt it was time for him to start practicing with the team. I'm sure the uncertain status of Donovan McNabb for the next week or two played at least some part in that.

As for Baskett, it appears that he was the odd man out in the Eagles' crowded WR corps. It's somewhat surprising to see Baskett, who was active last week, be released before Reggie Brown, who was inactive. That said, if you look at career production Reggie has been the better player. That must be what the Eagles are looking at.

Baskett's perceived potential has always seemed to belie his actual production. Still, he made some big plays here, he blocks, and he works hard on special teams. I have no doubt he'll catch on somewhere. He definitely belongs on an NFL roster.

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