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Shawn Andrews comments on his YouTube channel

Shawn Andrews is once again sparring with the throngs of Youtube trolls that follow his official channel. This was the first we've heard from Andrews since the news broke that he was placed on IR.

Lol.. You guys are harsh. I won't let what you guys say offend/control me.. I hope you guys never experience what I have. It's not my fault my back is jacked right now. It's fine that you guys don't care about my health tha is fine. I hustle for my family man. I appreciate your concerted efforts to berate me, but @ the end of the day we are all human. GOD Bless each of you guys, and may he remove all the negative energy from you guys..;)

Of course, the trolls are responding with some truly disgusting, racist, homophobic, & profanity ridden rants. Pretty much the norm for an un-moderated internet community.

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